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Duration: 6 days
Location: Slavonija
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1. day: Lonjsko polje – Čigoč

  • ( field )- ČIGOČ
  • Visit the nature park Lonjsko polje (known by orintofauna, by the type of birds that are nesting or temporary residence, is particularly known for its large colony of white storks Ciconia ciconia)
  • Čigoč village within the Nature Park was declared a European village of storks, the vast majority of houses in the village are nests of white storks (estimated to be in the nature park inhabited by approximately 500 pairs of white storks)
  • Tour of the farm in the village Čigoč
  • Coming to Vinkovci


2. day: Vinkovci- Ilok

VINKOVCI – Ilok (the danube kingdom of wine and times gone by)

  • Tour of Vinkovci, the City Museum and Archaeological Park Sopot (remains from the New Stone Age),
  • Afternoon trip to Ilok, Sightseeing Odescalchi castle, the walls of the old city and visit the church of Sts. John of Capistrano, possibility of visiting ancient wine cellars


3. day: Vukovar

VUKOVAR (In Vukovar region are numerous archaeological sites dating from the Bronze, Early and Late Iron Age, which testify to the life of the Illyrians and Celts. Vukovar is a symbol of resistance and survival of invincibility during the last war. At the same time, Vukovar was a symbol of peace whose courage, sacrifice and the size of his defenders give an exalted place in the creation of an independent Croatian)

  • City tour with an expert guide, hospitals, banks of the Danube, Eltz Castle, birthplace home Lavoslava Ružička ( the first nobel prize in Croatia ) (Memorial museum), New Cemetery, Ovčara (a mass grave site and memorial home), museum of vučedol culture  from the Eneolithic period of earliest copper-smithing
  • Afternoon departure to Bizovac, accommodation and swimming Aquapolis-in


4. day: Nature park Kopački rit

NATURE PARK KOPAČKI RIT (Kopački rit Nature Park has been designated in the List of Wetlands of International Importance established under the Ramsar Convention in 1993, because of its great biological diversity)
Nature park Kopački Rit, full day tour of the park, walking trails and instructive boat ride

  • The possibility of organizing lunchtime
  • Visit the castle Tikveš (guided educational trail that tells the history of Kopački rit, The Tikveš Castle Complex itself dates from the 19th century, and the Teschen parentage of the Habsburg family built it)


5. day: Osijek

OSIJEK( biggest city in Slavonia with rich cultural heritage

  • City tour – Tvrđa, the lower town, Cathedral
  • Afternoon trip to Đakovo ( where is one of the most beautiful cathedral of Croatia )-tour of the Cathedral, the Bishop’s Palace, Museum of Đakovo or the Museum Strossmayer
  • The possibility of organizing visits Lipizzaner stud farm Đakovo-Stallion, a tour of the office stud with numerous professional records, original pedigrees valuable items, trophies won by the horse and Đakovo grounds for dressage and training horses



6. day: Požega


  • Visit the “Golden Valley”( place of excellent wines even from roman empire times )
  • Walking and sightseeing attractions and a guided visit to the City Museum, the central square of the Baroque
  • The possibility of visiting the factory “Zvečevo”( candies and chocolate ) or visiting the famous wine cellar in Kutjevo from the 1232nd year.
  • Departure to place Velika, possibility to organize lunch and swim in the pools with hot water