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Location: National park Krka – Pokrovnik, Headwaters of river Cetina
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National park Krka

The national park krka is a vast and primarily unaltered acea of exceptional natural value, including one or more preserved or insignificailuy altered ecosystems. Purpose of the park is primarily to serve science culture, education and recreation, while tourism activities have also been introduced for its visitors .Krka National Park lies within Šibenik County, and covers a total of a 109 km2 of the loveliest sections of the Krka River, and the lower course of a Čikola River. The Krka National Park was proclaimed in 1985, as the seventh a park in Croatia, though certain sections of the Krka River were already protected as early as 1948.
Including the submerged part of the river at the mouth, the Krka River is 72.5 km long, making It the 22nd longest river in Croatia. It springs in the foothills of the Dinara mountain range, 2.5 km northeast of Knin. With its seven waterfalls and a total drop in altitude of 242 m, the Krka is a natural and karst phenomenon. The travertine waterhlls of the Krka River are the fundamental phenomenon of this river.

River Cetina

It is situated in a luscious region surrounded by quaint little villages. Along the Cetina’s tall canyon walls real archaeological fortune can be found: bottle-axes from the stone-age, shields from roman soldiers, personal items from middle-age peasants… and many other interesting artefacts. ! Its length is 105 kilometres and its flow is lower 385 meters when it comes to the Adriatic Sea from its source.  Leaving the Sinj fields, the Cetina river flows into the canyon. Coasts are closer and higher, and the river is deep and slow.

Area of Biograd, Šibenik and Knia

Lake Vransko is the largest lake in Croatia with major coastal belts reeds. It is the best area for viewing Pygmy Cormorant (Phalacrocorax pygmeus) in Croatia and also interesting are other birds related to water, such as the numerous herons – gray (Ardea cinerea), Purple Heron (Ardea purpurea), Little Egret (Egretta garzetta), Little Bittern (Ixobrychus minutus) and marsh harrier (Circus aeruginosus). Big Pasture between Sibenik and Drnis is one of the best locations for observing lark. In this location and immediate vicinity, there are more species – Calandra Lark (Melanocorypha calandra), greater short-toed lark (Calandrella brachydactyla), Crested lark (Galerida cristata), wood lark (Lullula arborea) and Eurasian Skylark (Alauda arvensis). Also interesting populations of coastal tawny pipit (Anthus campestris) and Black-headed Bunting (Emberiza melanocephala).


List of bird species:

National park Krka
River Cetina