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Educational trips and study travel

Geo Travel is a croatian travel agency specializing in educational trips .Our travel arrangements are divided into educational visits related to the field of history, geography, biology and other fields regarding to your wishes and needs. Our travel packages are available for students, experts in these areas, and for anyone interested in such educational trips.

All educational packages are designed in collaboration with high school or college teachers and travel guides. Travel packages include sightseeing and education of cultural heritage like cathedrals, churches, museums and famous historic buildings, monuments, archaeological remains, ethnic villages, customs and traditions, well known croatian gastronomy and natural heritage sites such as national parks, national parks, various forests, botanical gardens, caves, caverns, karst, mountain peaks, lakes, rivers, sea and islands etc. Educational packages include also exploring of many different species of animals and plants in Croatia.

Geo Travel also offers study and experience trips for all types of people, where everybody can learn about the cultural and natural wonders and beauty of the Croatia, customs and traditions of the Croatian people, meet local people known for their hospitality, to know and feel the local gastronomy and enjoy Croatia with all senses.

​Each of these areas can be combined according to your wishes and needs. Besides education within the travel arrangements, we have included other recreational and entertainment facilities, such as cycling, rafting, swimming in pools or spas, or in the sea in summer, hiking, and visits to the local agrotourism with authentic gastronomy and organic food, boat trips to the islands. And for those looking for fun, visits to some of the popular nightclubs, or to an organized party with authentic Croatian music with tamburica ( national instrument ) and a capella vocal group known as klapa. In case of organized accommodation, disco party and live music in the hotel can be organized.

Each of the tourist programs include a variety of educational workshops that are held in major European languages and are available as multi lingual professional escorts and guides, which provide all the necessary information. They are your hosts, ensuring you feel comfortable and safe during your stay in Croatia.

The travel arrangements can be arranged as accommodations in small family hotels, if there is a smaller group, or larger hotels with 2, 3 or 4 stars, all according to your wishes. Travel packages can last from 2 to 7 or more days. We offer most tourist education programs, which usually last for 6 or 7 days.

We strive to fulfill all your wishes and allow you to return home with a lot of beautiful pictures, new knowledge and a lot of beautiful and fun memories, which may include natural and cultural beauties of Croatia, its people and customs.


Zagreb – Karlovac educational tour

6 days
1. day: base SLUNJ Source Slunjčica and Rastoke – River Slunjcica dissolves over travertine rocks and flows into the river Korana, in its...
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Dubrovnik Mljet educational tour

3 day
1st day: Mljet – National Park   – Founded in 1960. – Covers the western part of the island, the Big and Little Lake, Bay...
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Central Dalmatia educational tour

6 days
1. day: base ZADAR Canyon of river Zrmanja – the crystal clear waters of the River Canyon winding through the 200 meter deep canyon....
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Istria and Kvarner educational tour

6 days
1. day: ROVINJ GOLDEN RT ROVINJ Park Forest is the most important forest park on the Adriatic coast. Thousands of domestic and domesticated plant...
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Educational day trips

1 day
KOPAČKI RIT – special zoological reserve FLORA -ush vegetation – 140 species of plants FAUNA – abundant wildlife: mollusks (snails),...
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Slavonija educational tour

6 days
1. day: Lonjsko polje – Čigoč LONJSKO POLJE ( field )- ČIGOČ Visit the nature park Lonjsko polje (known by orintofauna, by the type of...
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